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Budeşti , "The Wooden Cathedral"

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The church is rectangular, with a polygonal apse for the alter. The altar is also covered by a half-dome. The nave presents a barrel vault, while the narthex, supports the belfry tower with its massive beams. The spire of the tower is surrounded by four other towers, a unique architectural element among the wooden churches of Maramureş.

The inside keeps the chain mails of Pintea the Brave, one of the legendary outlaws of Maramureş, a real Robin Hood for the Romanians. Pintea the Brave died during the Kuruc War in 1703.

An unusual painting

The mural painting was done in two main stages. The first was made in 1762 by an artist with Polish origins, Alexander Poneholschi. The paintings with Jesus surrounded by the 12 apostles and Jesus the high priest, flanked by the Virgin Mary and John the Baptist are also outstanding The scenes are separated by painted coloured stripes. The altar apse was painted in 1812 by the artist Ianoş Opriş. These paintings were made in the Baroque style.

The "Coronation of Mary" icon is superb. The two parts of the culture illustrate perfectly how Western artistic trends, received via the Romanian Church United with Rome, Greek-Catholic, turned the old canons of Byzantine art. Inside the church we find a valuable collection glass painted icons, some from much older churches.

Travel info: The distance Bucharest - Budeşti is 600 kilometres. Between Cluj-Napoca and Budeşti are 157 kilometres.
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