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The Church of Rogoz, The Pride of Lăpușului Country

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In 1785, the municipality of Rogoz hired the painters Radu Munteanu and Nicolae Man to create a mural. This was partly rebuilt in 1834 by painter Gregory Bodea. He repainted the narthex and the nave vault ceiling. Also in that year a podium was built on the west side of the nave. The roof of the church is asymmetrical, with about 1.20 metres to protect “the ancestors table” on the north side of the church.

Post-Byzantine tradition illustrates the painting of the interior of the church, while the outside of the church is richly decorated. The entrance door has the shapes of braces. It also used a profiled rope motif to decorate the exterior walls of the church and eaves supported by brackets, whose ends are carved in the shape of horse heads. Above the narthex stands the bell tower in a rectangular shape. The bell chamber is in an open console.

An important detail

The Church of Rogoz is a true exception among the wooden churches of Maramureş introduced to UNESCO. If most designs synthesised the culture of Greek-Catholic, this remained a Greek oriental confession now called Orthodox. It also retains certain motifs, such as the horse heads, characteristic of Lăpușului Country.

Travel info: Distance Bucharest - Rogoz is 560 kilometres. Between Cluj-Napoca and Rogoz it is 116 kilometres.

Photo: George Trandafir, [url=http://]www.touringromania.com[/url]
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