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  • Date: 27-02-2015, 19:39
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Romanian objectives of UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage

Category: Traditions

Romanian objectives of UNESCO’s Intangible HeritageRomania has four cultural objectives included in the intangible heritage of humanity. We speak of particularly valuable traditions. The Male Choral Group is prevalent throughout Romania and Moldova, countries that share the same culture. Carolling is usually related to Advent and the winter holidays. With a profoundly Christian message, carollers spread the news of the birth of Christ. It is a way of preserving social solidarity, because in every village the carollers visit every house. One of the most spectacular forms of The Male Choral Group, which joined UNESCO in 2013, is the “Juni” ritual encountered mainly in mountainous areas, such as the Mărişel in the Apuseni Mountains or the Carpathians surrounding Sibiu. The groups are made up of young men led by a conductor, who carol without rest at all of the houses in the village.