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  • Date: 4-02-2015, 19:54
4-02-2015, 19:54

The River of Fire in the church of Deseşti

Category: History / Maramureș / Deseşti

The River of Fire in the church of Deseşti
The Deseşti Church is representative for the eighteenth century Maramures architecture. The manner in which the remarkable mural and the iconostasis were made is post-Byzantine. There are several controversies on the exact dating of the church. Tit Bud dated it in 1770 and Alexander Baboş in 1780, when the inscriptions discovered by historians attested to the painting of this place of worship. The paintings cover all three classic rooms: the altar, the nave and the narthex. The inscription states that the painting of the church was paid for by the Boyars of the village.