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Sarmisegetuza - the Spiritual Centre of the Dacians

Category: History / Transylvania / Sarmisegetuza

Sarmisegetuza - the Spiritual Centre of the DaciansOne of the most spectacular ancient settlements in Romania is the capital of the ancient kingdom of Dacia, Sarmisegetuza Regia or Sarmisegetuza Basileion. We are referring to a settlement compared by some Romanian historians with Stonehenge in Britain. Other historians consider it as the centre of the most intricate system of fortifications in Europe, outside the Greco-Roman world, the so- called "barbaric" world. Sarmisegetuza was the residence of the tragic king Decebalus, who was murdered or committed suicide after being defeated by the Romans. Sarmisegetuza was only conquered after a long siege, following the Roman invasions in the years 101-102 and 105-106, after the besiegers managed to destroy the system of pipes that was supplying water to the garrison defending the city. Sarmisegetuza’s demise equated with the symbolic disappearance of a people, and for the Romanians, this dramatic story resembles that of the fall of Troy.