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  • Date: 27-02-2015, 15:11
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Piatra Roșie –The Fortress which Stubled the Celtic Rampage

Category: History / Transylvania / Piatra Roşie

Piatra Roșie –The Fortress which Stubled the Celtic RampageOne of Antiquity’s strongest fortresses in this part of Europe is Piatra Roşie. It is a fortress which comprises two joined enclosures. The oldest was built in the time of King Burebista to stop the rampage of the Celts, and the second enclosure was added in the time of Decebalus, in the context of the Roman offensive for the conquest of Dacia. The two enclosures measure an area of approximately 1.2 hectares. The first enclosure is built on a rocky peak, at an altitude of 832 metres. The peak is surrounded on three sides by inaccessible abysses. Access is only possible from the east.