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  • Date: 27-02-2015, 13:36
27-02-2015, 13:36

The Moldavian Cathedral, under the Patronage of Two Saints

Category: History / Moldova / Suceava

The Moldavian Cathedral, under the Patronage of Two SaintsThe history of Saint George’s Church in the monastery of Saint John the New in Suceava begins in 1514, when the prince of Moldavia, Bogdan III, decided to build a new metropolitan cathedral, after the old one had been destroyed by a Polish invasion. Bogdan III began construction of the church, which was completed in 1522 by his son, Ștefăniță Vodă. In the period between 1532 and 1534, the church was painted inside and out, at the request of Prince Petru Rares. In 1579, the Bishop Theofan of Râşca added a small porch. Between 1522 and 1677, this church operated as the Metropolitan Cathedral of Moldova. Even when Prince Lapusneanu moved the Moldavian capital from Suceava to Iaşi, from 1564 until 1677, the metropolitan residence remained in Suceava.
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27-02-2015, 13:32

Sighișoara, Dracula’s Medieval Citadel

Category: History / Transylvania / Sighişoara

Sighișoara, Dracula’s Medieval CitadelSighişoara, the best preserved medieval citadel in Transylvania, is the place where the historical character Vlad Tepeş was born, the one who inspired the most famous vampire story in the world, Dracula. Sighişoara is a beautiful place with an incredibly romantic vibe. The medieval fortress withstood fires and sieges, waves of plague, including cholera, Tatars and Turkish assaults. The old Saxon city was and still is a real historical gem, because little has changed over the centuries. Sighişoara is important not only for its military history, culture and the arts, but also for viticulture. Here was discovered for the first time in the interwar period, the most famous variety of Romanian grape-vines, Fetească Regală, from which the best Romanian white wine is produced.
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27-02-2015, 13:18

Saschiz, the Village of the Three Medieval Fortifications

Category: History / Transylvania

Saschiz, the Village of the Three Medieval Fortifications Saschiz has a most intriguing story. This South Transylvanian village was founded by the Székelys who colonized the area after the Hungarian Kingdom conquered Transylvania. At the time, Saschiz was placed under Saxon dominion, while the Székelys migrated to the Eastern Carpathians. Living under constant threat of Cuman, Mongol, Tatar, Turkish, Wallachian or Moldavian invasions, the residents of Saschiz built a genuine medieval citadel. In those days, Saschiz was known as the "Village of the seven churches." Not all have survived and nowadays the settlement is known as the village with three fortifications.
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